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Production of wood, firewood and planks

The production of wood is one of the most Wichtig tasks to advance your settlement. With wood you build buildings. Also many productions need wood as raw material as well as fuel.

Production of wood

To produce wood, you need a 'Holzfäller. You should also build 2-4 Lumberjacks in the advanced stages of the game in order to have a permanent guarantee for this resource. You can only build lumberjacks on wooded fields!

Hinweis.png Select a 'lumberjack in your settlement and click the 20px icon and the lumberjack will immediately go into the forest to cut wood.

20px Tool: 1 - 20px Food: 2

Produced: 20px Wood: 2 - Duration: 10 min

Production of firewood

The logger processes the firewood from the existing tree trunks and undergrowth.

Wichtig-1.png Note also here that for this work the woodcutter must stand on an intact forest!

Firewood is needed wherever a fireplace is indispensable.

Hinweis.png Select a 'lumberjack in your settlement and click the 25px icon and the lumberjack will split firewood for you.

20px wood: 1 - 20px Tool: 1 - 20px Food: 1

Produced: 20px Firewood: 7 - Duration: 60 min

Production of planks

In addition to large tree trunks, planed boards are also required for construction projects.
Bretter produces the 'Tischlerei' and of course also needs wood, which the carpenter then saws and planes until a straight board is on the workbench as a result...

Hinweis.png Select a 'joinery' in your settlement and click the 25px icon to produce boards for building.

20px wood: 2 - 20px Tool: 2 - 20px Food: 2

Produced: 20px Boards: 4 - Duration: 30 min

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The 'Forsthütte' takes care of all forest stands in which there is a lumberjack. He controls the deforestation and reforests the forest. The forest hut only needs to be built once (on an open meadow) and takes care of all the forests in your country.
So it is possible that with the help of the forester instead of two' forest resources only one is consumed per production run.
For the player this means a double income from a forest than without a forester!


Forests also grow back in your settlement at irregular intervals, as long as you still have free meadows which are not cultivated with a building or object.
If a forest grows back, it will of course also appear in your settlement and Mother Nature will give you a small amount of wood even if you have a new generation.